Very short Bio

I am self represented artist.

I am from the Morris Park neighborhood of the Bronx.  I am not a self-taught artist.  I disagree with the term.  I don't think it's possible to be a self-taught artist. But I did not go to art college.  I did attend Art & Design high school briefly.  Even if you weren't taught by a person, life itself teaches you as an artist.  I guess people mean that they learned the technical work on their own.  

I had many great art teachers but the most important one was my grandmother who prepared me for the admissions portfolio for art high school.  

current work

I just finished working on painting portraits of all of the US presidents using public domain photos. 

materials and style

I work with acrylic paints. I like how fast they dry.  I like to try to do what Rembrandt did and stretch the paint as it gets tacky. I love the work of Diego Velázquez because it is so paint-centric and yet so realistic.